Local communities (through schools) around the quarry and (2) the CIM Benin employees. It foresees in an inventory of the world of the quarry and its surroundings. The inventory will consist of a quick scan of the main species and will focus on birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. This is a first step in creating a biodiversity baseline for the quarry Such a baseline is a prerequisite for monitoring the impact of mining activities and to strengthen CIM Benin's mitigation and restoration activities. The environmental assessment and an environmental lesson / masterclass package. Together with a selection of schools around the world, the project will organize environmental classes. A special event will be organized with CIM Benin employees.The project wants to set up a mechanism for monitor ing birds in and around the quarry Fongba. It aims to periodically monitor the different species of the species and the number of species. By creating a baseline we will be able to get a better insight on the impact of the impact of the disease and the impact of it

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