Catching in the funnel traps is pretty new and very effective method of catching Amphibians and water Arhropods. The trap is planted usually in the litoral zone (picture 1). It has to be partly out of the water so that animals can breath. It is secured by tying the trap up to some vegetation and if necessary putting some floating item (PET bottle, piece of polystyrene foam) inside the trap. The trap comes in two sizes - 50x23x23 cm and 80x28x28 cm (picture 2). Wire construction covered with green 4mm nylon net allows easy folding and transporting of the trap. Trap has two zippers – bigger one for entering trap itself and smaller one for filling lure pocket (picture 3). Chicken liver is usually used as a lure. Trap enter is adapted for smaller diameter with PET bottle tops (pictures 4 and 5). One trap is equipped with two enter holes, one is usually 2,5 cm and second 3,5 cm (normal and wide bottle) in diameter (picture 6). Prepared and lure-filled trap is planted to the water (usually in the evening), tagged with information about research and checked the second day in the morning.
You can see all our traps beeing prepared for the first catching in the picture 7.