On Thursday, 29.3, I (Jakub) went to the sandpit to check our traps and biodiversity in the quarry. We needed to make sure, that big mammals didn´t destroy our traps, because of salt dissolved in it. Traps were (excluding one) in a good condition, excluded one was half-filled with sand (Šimon will enjoy separating Arthropods...).

I caught first amphibians – Pelophylax esculentus and Lissotriton vulgaris, molluscs Physa acuta/fontinalis (shell fragment, this snail has sinistral (=left-going) shell) and Galba truncatula. I also caught water insect species Notonecta glauca, Laccophilus minutus, Sigara sp., Hydrobius fuscipes, Hydroporus erythocephalus and Helophorus sp.

Around the locality no. 2 was flying Bombus terrestris queen looking for the nesting hole.
In the pictures: 1 and 4 – Pelophylax kl. esculentus, 2 – me catching, 3 – Tussilago farfara, 5 – water pools, 6 – Galba truncatula, 7 – Notonecta glauca (photo V. Kolář) and 8 – Cygnus olor.