The member of the national jury – Mr. Lorek came to visit us in the quarry on Friday. He looked at our research sites and spoke with us about our project. I also planted funnel traps used to catch apmhibians.
Saturday was way different from Friday. Me and Šimon met in the sandpit in the morning and started working. Šimon collected samples from pitfall traps, catched material with sweeping net and collected it manualy from the ground. I checked funnel traps, catched water animals in the pools and helped Šimon with manual collecting. Of course I can´t forget my penetrability measurement and collecting soil samples (about 15 kg of the material carried home by bike…).

I also took a few pictures which I can use in prepared brochure about geological phenomenas in sandpits.

We will upload new blogs about birds, amphibians and arthropods that we saw during our visit, soon.

In the pictures: 1 to 4 - interesting biotopes in the sandpit, 5 – limonitised sand concretion, 6 – small sand dunes, 7 – sand and gravel layers.