Every day is a new hope, and every years is a new sheet. In each of the Gaskell Sands Quarry rehabilitation sites, there are some kind of distribution pattern from the soil Arthropods population. The question remain is that is it getting any increase in the diversity of soil Arthropods in each of the rehabilitation sites ?. And how can we boost the species richness and diversity in the rehabilitation sites ?.

The first thing that we do is (1) measure and identify the soil arthropods species, (2) Simpson Index (D) - a measurement that accounts for the richness of each species from a biodiversity sample within a local soil community, (3) Shannon-Weaver Index (D) - a measurement that takes into account species richness and proportion of each species within the local soil community, (4) Uniformity Index (E), (5) Abiotic factors (soil composition, Dissolve Oxygen, soil temperature, air temperature, and also some of vegetation around the sampling point, (6) and then analysis the data that we have already collected.