The rehabilitated quarry area supports the ecology of this specie in aspects of its behavior, reproduction, nesting and feeding. This specie feeds on insects such as grasshoppers, dragonflies, and beetles which are found in the quarry area, and it is known to take small birds.
In the rehabilitated quarry areas, this specie inhabits in well-spaced trees, Woodlands, and grasslands where their feeding, breedjing and nesting is supported. They are monogamous and perches on dead trees to survey the area, searching for prey. This bird is often seen alone though they can be often found living in pairs or small groups
The preferable natural cavities is inside the holes, where the female lays 2-4 white eggs. Incubation lasts about 22-24 days by both parents and chicks fledge at about 19 days at age when they feather.