During my visits of quarry i saw many bird species. Just by the entrance road, sand martins are flying above my head. They nest here in sand slopes. Common snipe is hiding in nearby reed and little ringed plover si walking around little pond, both of them are rare birds to see. On a heap of rocks, there is a white wag tail wiggling his tail, few ducks are floating on central lake. From the surrounding woods, i can hear cuckoo, common chaffinch, willow warbler, common chiffchaff, great tits and Eurasian blue tits. Sometimes, red kite or western marsh harrier circles above me. When i visited the quarry last time, two white storks landed twenty meters away from me, wrought in the water for a while and then left. To be hones, sometimes, when i observe all those fantastic birds which i don’t see anywhere else, i forget about research and i sit in there for a while and just watch the beauty around.
First and second picture - little ringed plover
Third picture - red kite