On Tuesday 8.5 Šimon came to the sandpit to collect samples from the pitfall traps and to do his work. When he came to the locality no. 1, he was shocked (at least he sounded shocked when he called me). Vandals destroyed marking sticks and stole pitfall traps with whole-month data. Šimon tried to look for traps in the forest and fortunately found one partly filled trap, so we have at least a piece of data. During my today - (19.5) visit I did geological measurements, checked funnel traps planted yesterday and catched some dragonflyes. Mainly I made new locality markers and installed pitfall traps. I installed signs with entering ban and information about research after consultation with quarry manager at each research locality, as well. Someone made a big hole at the locality no. 2 while digging sand. We hope that we will not lose another data in the future.
In the pictures: 1 and 2 – ban signs, 3 – later found trap, 4 – 2m hole at locality no. 2