jeu, 31/05/2018 - 10:58

Much is known about the nesting behaviour of the whitethroat, but question marks remain.

Dan and his relatives nest from May to July, the birds mainly use dry (grass) stalks for nest-building, says biologist Oliver Fox of the mineral building materiels entrepreneur association. The Environment and Sustainability Manager of HeidelbergerCement AG, Tina Gölzer, adds roots to the nesting material.
The "nest is laid out near the ground at approximately half a metre in hedgerow structures," says Fox.
In the Penig mining site, the whitethroat enjoys perfect conditions such as suitable hedge structures and sufficient food.

However, it turned out that more information was missing. Which straws does this species prefer? What size of nesting material does the whitethroat use? Where exactly is it looking for these materials?
In order to answer these questions, the project manager of the whitethroat has compiled a selection of nesting material, presented it in different ways, placed it at different locations and now monitors its use. "With this procedure I want to find out more about the nesting behaviour of the whitethroat and supplement the general information - scientifically based", says project manager Stefanie Walter.