During the breaks between meetings in rural schools, we visited the Rybalsky quarry in order to study the conditions for laying the trail route, which will soon be young participants of the project. May is the best time to visit a quarry: young juicy foliage of trees and shrubs, aromas of blossoming grass, not yet burned by the burning summer sun. Already the first hundred meters of the route has convinced us that Rybalsky quarry – a very convenient facility for conducting excursions for youth. During the mining process, only a certain part of the quarry is involved. While in the other half of it there are natural processes of self-growth. The features of the location (near the mouth of the Samara River and near the Dnieper), the size of a quarry, a long time of exploitation – are the reasons for which the very original floristic and faunal complex was formed on the old ledges and dumps of the quarry. There is something to show to children: a variety of woody and shrub forms, herbaceous plants of various ecological groups (steppe, forest, stone-loving and sand-loving, ruderal and even "escapers from culture." The pre-selected route is not only an opportunity to see dozens of different species flora in different settlements. This is also the opportunity to contemplate breathtaking panoramic views, the most diverse geological breeds, erosion processes, and, of course, interesting species of local fauna.