A team of staff and students from Bath Spa explained the purpose of our project, the methods used and findings to date. We presented water quality, aquatic invertebrate and floristic data and outlined the next stages in the project - more water quality testing, invertebrate sampling and using wildlife capture cameras to see if otters were using the Brinsham Stream that bisects the site. We also discussed what our work was beginning to show and how we might use it to make recommendations for wetland biodiversity enhancement on site.

The site tour began at ‘Lake Edwards’ in the Southfields section of the quarry complex, next to the crushing plant. It’s an active part of the quarry and yet supports a range of invertebrates including a range of dragonfly species. We then travelled through the connecting tunnel to view one of the new ponds, created to benefit Great Crested Newts on site. After that we visited one of the older ponds on site which is a stronghold of the newts.

Overall the judges said had an interesting afternoon and they asked a series of useful questions that helped us to review our progress and think about the focus of further work we will be undertaking.