'About what? About Bagroviska?' Yes - that is how locals (in Premier) call the gravel pit. They have lots of memories, some cheerful, others less. For instance, floods are mentioned often. Because Predmier lies in the valley carved by the river Váh, massive floodwaters have engulfed the local cellars in recent years. 'The water rose to the cemetery', tells everyone who remembers the last flood event.
Some residents blame the existence of gravel pit for the higher water levels during floods. Others emphasize that this is nonsense, because local lakes rather hold water, so it does not flood their houses to an even greater height. At the present with the water regime in the European landscape being more unpredictable than ever before, it is more important to talk about, educate and discuss the issue of floods with the public.
But there is also one positive effect that floods have brought to the region: fish. They got to local lakes during the last flood and began to prosper. One of the lakes where mining has already been completed become a renowned fishing area, and nowadays it is a pleasant place for recreation of both locals and non-residents.