ven, 03/08/2018 - 10:17

What's it about?
SOCIAL NATURE participates in the Quarry Life Award. This competition involves projects in 25 countries that support biodiversity. Dan is competing against 112 other projects. You can support SOCIAL NATURE by voting for it.

How to do that?
To ensure a fair voting process and to avoid double voting, all voters must register with an email address and password. Registered users will receive a confirmation e-mail after submitting their address, asking them to click on a link to confirm their registration.
After registration or login you can rate a project by awarding one to five stars: One star represents a low value and five stars represent a high value.

Where do you vote?
If you click on a project on the project blog (, you will see the five stars at the bottom right of the project picture (see picture 2).

Vote for nature! Vote for Dan!