Substantial evidence of otter sprainting activity had previously been recorded along the Brinsham Stream, to the north of the Hampstead Farm quarry. However it is impossible to tell from sprainting whether one or more otters might be using the stream corridor or even venturing across the wider quarry site.

In June we set up four wildlife capture cameras - two under the bridge over the Brinsham Stream and two looking out over the old established ponds to the east of the Hampstead Farm quarry. The battery-operated cameras are motion sensitive and can take images (or video) in daylight or at night (using infrared). Unfortunately in June all we recorded were some rats, some dragonflies, a grey squirrel and a badger!

We set the cameras up again towards the end of July to have a second attempt at detecting otter activity. Between visits, the level of flow of the stream had been improved through increased pumping of water from the sump in Hampstead Farm. Will we record otter activity this time? Come back to the site later in August to find out.