In the final phase of our project we organized an interdisciplinary walk for locals. Participants came from various backgrounds. Among two dozens of people, schoolchildren, their headmaster, deputy mayor, director of the gravel pit, as well as ordinary Predmier residents were involved. We also hosted conservationist from the Strážov Mountains Protected Landscape Area. The purpose of the walk was to make participants familiar with each other, to discuss key contentious topics (accessibility of the mining area for public, the influence of sand-gravel pit on groundwater, garbage). The company CEO used the opportunity to inform the public about the restoration plans and to explain some of the mining company practices. Members of our team presented key findings of our interdisciplinary project. Our biologist explained participants, which invasive plant species are hazardous for local nature, and presented possible solutions to the problem. Later on, opportunity for spotting nesting colony of sand martins appeared. The walk was accompanied by a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, when everyone had an opportunity to add his or her point. Thanks to all the participants!